Crossfit Herd is a gym centered around the principles of total body health and fitness. With easy access of off Highway 90 and Pinhook, we stand by our commitment to safety, quality and personal results! Novice or veteran, our certified and experienced coaches value safety as a top priority, and teach athletes sound mechanics and technique. Smaller class sizes and coach-to-client ratios ensure every member gets the personalized attention they deserve. 

CrossFit Herd is more than a place to workout; it’s a community that will support you, motivate you, challenge you, and make sure you get results!


You didn’t think you were doing these workouts on your own, did you? Not in CrossFit!  Every class has a coach who will provide an explanation of the workout and the movements, provide correction and assistance throughout the workout and of course give encouragement and motivation.  It's like having an entire team of personal fitness coaches at your side!

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If you have ever belonged to a a dojo, a church or a charity organization, or any tight-knit business or club, then you have felt the power of community.  Gone are the days of hitting a few solo reps at the gym and heading to the hot tub.  In CrossFit we work out together as we push each other farther than we ever thought possible.  Here you will find support, encouragement, accountability, and results.

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Are you bored and tired of your same old gym routine?  Are you not getting the results you expected?  If so then maybe it's time you tried CrossFit!  CrossFit workouts are constantly varied,  highly functional and scale-able to any fitness level from beginner to competitive athlete. Nearly anyone can do CrossFit.

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It's not about how long you stay at the gym, but how much work you do while you're there.  CrossFit workouts are quick, challenging and proven effective.  With total class times averaging 45 min to 1 hr, and several times to choose from, classes can easily fit into even the busiest schedule.

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